This page gives you a chance to get good quality downloads of the festival posters without all the wording.

You are welcome to use these for your personal use only but please do not use them for any commercial application.
If you use any of the posters 2004 to 2011 or his catoons, please will you credit it to Dave Cross (aka. Nog) of WHKF.
These and other examples of his work can be found on his Facebook page

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And his cartoons.

Kite History: 1: 2:  3: 4: 5:
4 ages of kite flyers
The kite anchor.
History has a habit of repeating its self.
Useful knots for the kite flyer.
The secretary's 60th
Kite Flyer
The Bar-B-Q
Desperate measures
How to spot a kite flyer.
Martin Lester legs
Low wind launch.  Alternative.
Problems with natural materials
The Longbottom Swan
Landing a stunt kite.
In a galaxy far, far away!
Flight Simulator.
Victorian KAP
Twisted Box Workshop
Rules of rok fighting.
Three steps forward,......
Memories of 2014 Fun Fly
Rev Flyer
A quiet snoozzzz
Cat business.
One Sky, One World.
Arms of a man
Dress code
My World.
Bird's nest.
Baby flyer.
Team Flying.
Find the secretary.

and this time from Ted Beret, The Fun Fly poster