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An interesting one from Aeolian.
World Record Teddy Drop
De Kneez Beez(1.9 M.byte file)
Popham flight 1995
Sox and Fish(11.1M.byte file)
Portsmouth Dinosaur (28.6M.byte file)
Ribbon History(11.5M.byte file)
Time lapse from the front of the Twisted Box Workshop(Very large file)
Time lapse from the back of the Twisted Box Workshop(Facebook link)
Big Bol
Swindon Slim
The Beast
from BBC Wiltshire
A blustery day at Westmills wind farm. by Dave Cross
Swindon 2006 from Andrew Rumming.
Popies Barbury 2019, from Dave Cross.
Ladybirds at Broadhaven